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Post war buses (1945-1970)  
Once peace was restored after the end of World War II hostilities in 1945, there was still plenty of hardship around with rationing in place for some items of food until 1952. Things were improving gradually and people depended on public transport for work, shopping and leisure.

The peak time for fare paying passengers on buses was around 1950- 1955 across the UK. The reliance on buses changed as car ownership increased during the 1960s. By mid-1960s, demand for services was declining.

Locally, Provincial was renowned for its innovative ideas at this time – one of these was the introduction of an air-cooled engine. The Deutz engines lasted for years and after a strip down at half a million miles, there was hardly any sign of wear and tear.

Scholars term ticket 1947  Female staff at Hoeford 1948 Interior view of a AEC Regal bus Provincial summer uniform
Provincial winter uniform Provincial enamel badge Drivers pass 1955 Drivers pass 1955
First Deutz air cooled engine conversion at Hove  The Anns Hill Road service at the Gosport Ferry terminus Open top bus at Gosport Ferry 1960s Official time and route table 1962
Official time and route table 1962 Christmas mail deliveries 1962 Passenger buying ticket on a Provincial bus 1968  

National Bus Company (NBC) (1970-1983)



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