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Pre-World War 2 Buses (1930-1939)  
As a gradual change from trams to the motor buses took place, it became obvious that there was a growing demand for cheap public transport to get people to and from work and the shops. The first buses were small single decker Chevrolets with between 20 and 24 seats – something like the ‘charabancs’, but with a permanent body on a petrol-engined chassis.

The 1930s saw demand change and so larger vehicles were built. Provincial decided to invest in new diesel-engined 32-seater single deckers and 56-seater double deckers made by A.E.C. at Southall in Middlesex. As well as an increase in demand, the 1930 Road Traffic Act allowed more competition among the bus companies so they were eager to attract passengers with their modern vehicles.
Six-wheeled Chevrolet bus 1930 AEC Regal buses at Hoeford Depot 1930s

AEC Regent bus 1936 Leyland G7 open top bus showing curved stairs to top deck 1937 Bus stop outside the Star Hotel in Gosport 1937 Fare Chart for Stokes Bay Service
Workman's day return ticket   Six day ticket
Bus ticket 1930s advertising Provincial Tickets 1930

Wartime buses (1939-1945)



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