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The first electric tram car in Gosport  


This view purportedly shows the arrival of the first electric tram car at Gosport. THe first test run to Gosport Hard was conducted on 20th December 1905. The first service ran on 24th January 1906. The building to the rear of the photograph is the Market House. It was severely damaged during an air raid in 1940 and finally demolished in the 1960s. The half timbered building to the rear of the photograph was the Northumberland Arms public house, which was demolished in the mid 1960s. The drinking fountain to the right of the photograph was erected by Rear Admiral Robert Fitzgerald Gambier (1803-1870) who was one of three founders of The Royal Sailors Rest in Home in Portsmouth. Erected in September 1870. A marble construction on a riased plinth.

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